Claudio D'ANGELO

Claudio D’Angelo was born in Montréal in 1956.

“I paint animals for as long as I can remember; they have fascinated and stirred something deep inside me. Some of my fondest memories are of observing creatures both great and small, moving in their own world, their graceful form and color harmonizing so beautifully with their natural habitats.

I strive to infuse depth and atmosphere into my paintings, portraying scenes often overlooked by the casual observer. They are rarely recreations of specific events, but composites of multiple experiences distilled down to what I hope will effectively convey what I have found to be truly beautiful and meaningful in what I have seen and experienced.”

Member of the Society of Animal Artists, 1993 – 2009

Since 1993, he has designed 50 individual coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, ON

Selected to create a “vintage” poster celebrating CANADA 150 for CP Rail, 2017

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